Monday, May 24, 2010

coming home.

As many of you know and as I mentioned last time, Ryan and I are homeowners now! We bought our first house in March and have been busy, busy, busy making it our own. It feels so good. So adult. And isn't she a beauty?

Needless to say, life has changed quite a bit since we've moved in. Readjusting to new commutes, finding new grocery stores and meeting the neighbors. We're really settling in to our new community pretty well. And I just can't help feeling so blessed.

In the last 2 years "home" has changed a lot for me - as you may well know - and this house represents some pretty remarkable accomplishments in my life this far. 2 years ago I was heart broken. I left the only home I've ever really known where my family and some of the most dearest, sweetest people I grew up with were and moved to a place where no one had any idea who I was. I can recall laying in bed with a very heavy, deep ache in my heart wondering if I'd ever find joy again. For that part of life, home was in our apartment in Overland Park. And eventually that was okay. We made some really wonderful memories there as a newlywed couple.

And here we are now. In a new home. A home that will likely be the place we bring our first child to. Where we'll hang our first Christmas lights up on. And where we hope lots of people come to find love and community.

There is beauty in this transition for me.

I will say this a thousand times. God has provided. God does provide. It's not that He provided this house. It's that He provided a light to my path. That in my loneliest days He reached down and brought me the hope of things to come and the joy of the home I will always, always have in Nampa, Idaho.

My cup is overflowing.