Saturday, August 27, 2011

hello, again.

I think I have officially lost my title as "blogger" with an apparent 8 month absence. How on earth 8 months have passed since my last entry is just an unsolvable mystery to me. Why does time change when you become an adult? We'll never know.

Hello friends. Or perhaps you've all moved on. Regardless. Hello. So many new adventures have begun in life for most of the world since December. New jobs, new babies, new homes, new cities. I think I've spent most of this current year marveling in the journey of The Corks. I'm sure I've expressed this before, but I am truly amazed at the Lord's provisions in our life from the beginning of our marriage in 2007. From heartbroken to healed. And now so blessed with a community that loves us and a baby on the way that will grow up in our cute little home. I can hardly believe it. I can say with 100% truth that in the summer of 2008 I would have told you that the feelings of wholeness and joy that I feel now were impossible and unattainable. Praise the Lord this was false.

What's more in this world of constant change is that this week Ryan and I made the difficult decision to leave his job. With the baby due to arrive in early February this is a little bit of a scary scenario, but we both feel a profound sense of rightness that we're trusting is God at work in really beautiful ways. I'm learning the truth that God is always good. And He always wants good for us. So rather than dwelling on the possible (and perhaps likely?) negative outcomes that might come from a move like this I'm clinging to the hope that God is always good. I'm reading a book right now called One Thousand Gifts (thanks, mom) and there's a chapter that talks about how Hagar forgot about the well God had shown her before and nearly died before remembering that the well was there. God always provides the well. The well is always there, the author reminds me. So my eyes are focused on the well in front of me. The one full of the hope of the future and the goodness of God. The one that doesn't allow us to go thirsty.

Maybe you'd want to just pray with us as we search for work? And as we prepare for this little guy? And in the end we'll add it to our storybook. The one about how God provides. What a great story we have to tell. It's the good news, really, our story. So we'll tell it for a lifetime and give God all the glory. I think that's a fine idea.