Thursday, June 8, 2017


Putting our trust and hope in any man is never going to give us what we want. It’s never going to restore in us a lasting sense of hope and deep rooted feeling of Joy. Because it’s not the way we were meant to live - with our faith in people. We were made to be turned toward Jesus. Toward the One who made all things and makes all things right. So of course we’re all swirling and spiraling within our disappointment of poor leadership and bad decisions. Because when it’s up to humans - even the really good humans - we’re all just too broken to do it right enough to save the world. So shake off the idea that we need “someone” to come in and save our country. To save us from ourselves. We have that someone. And He’s been waiting for us to turn to him and say “WE are ready.” 

We just don’t have to have big, sweeping acts from a government to change the course of our lives. We can do small things in our lives to shift the industry. To save the arts. To teach compassion. Government money is a bonus. Sometimes it’s the thing that carries a cause to the next level. But it’s nothing without the footwork of those who have already invested themselves. We don’t have to have a leader in government that believes and supports all the things we do in our personal lives. We can live lives worth imitating and open our doors to our neighbors to share the love of Jesus. There is absolutely nothing that a government could do that is more significant and more powerful than making room at your table for someone else. Nothing. 

So just shut up already, world. 

Turn to your left and to your right. Shake off the fear that binds you and say to yourself, say to your people, “I’m ready. Let’s do this.”