Monday, October 4, 2010


I wanna tell you about my church.

It's no secret that in a world where information and opinions are readily available and frequently exchanged church has evolved into many things. I know the issue is pretty touchy. And it's not really the point or anything close to what I care to talk about. I just want to say that I was a part of something within a community of believers this month that I believe is one of the purest glimpses into Church that I've seen.

We've been on this path to Covenant. Essentially, in the last month we've focused on what it means to commit to a body. Not an organization. Not a system of beliefs. But to each other and to the Lord. We committed to being disciples and growing disciples of each other. And it ended with a night of community where we all came together and we made the commitment. Together.

I guess that was the thing of it all. As I watched and participated in giving the next year of life wholeheartedly to pursuing the Jesus who never turned away, I watched people do it together. Sure there were some who made the decision by themselves, finding a quiet place to contemplate the decision. But mostly people were finding the friends they do life with and making the covenant in unison. Taking communion, stacking their rocks, and praying with one another in faith that the Lord will never leave us. That as we seek Him He will teach us to love and live like Him.

It just feels good to see people gravitating towards one another rather than away. It feels really.... God-filled. And I'm so excited to see the things in store for us.