Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the days go by.

It's week 2 for us here in Overland Park. Technically week 3, but the first week was like vacation with my parents in town for the move. Ryan is really enjoying Premier. He got the chance to record a really great band last weekend and had a lot of fun. The changes he is hoping to make to the studio or happening as quickly as I think he'd like, but that's okay. Currently, he is running sound for The Sailor Sequence for a couple of shows. Of course, he loves that. 

As for me, I'm just sitting at home mostly. I'm pretty bored to be honest. Some days I find things to do outside of the apartment, but usually I just kind of walk around. One day I made this pretty cool craft out of plastic grocery bags. So that was fun. Another day I started to paint our room, but I haven't really gotten back to that yet so there's just a tiny patch of orange on the wall. So as you can see life is pretty low key for me right now. But that's okay. I'm sure it's a good break before school starts. However, I have decided that if school turns out to not be too much work than I think I might get a job. It's weird to not be working at all. 

Well, I just wanted to give a small update. It was kind of boring I guess. Feel free to say hello to me sometime. I miss everyone in Nampa. Can't wait to see Leah and Louie back from their summer adventures! woo! Peace out. 

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well, here we are! We made it to Olathe after a long, long drive that was fairly uneventful until we literally crossed the line into Kansas City where we began driving in one of the biggest storms I have ever been a part of. Apparently where we were was the actual heart of this storm... which probably wouldn't have been that big of deal but we had a moving truck to worry about. Those are a little more extreme weather sensitive. Good times though. It was a fun drive with my parents and sister. I very much appreciate their company. 

My family was able to stay for a week and help out with all the little things that come along with moving into a new place. Several days of shopping were also involved which I did not object to. :) It took quite a bit less time to move in then I thought it would really. So that was nice. Wednesday I said a sad goodbye to my parents. But, I feel okay. I don't feel hopeless. I kind of thought I'd feel hopeless and really alone. However, being here has made me feel a lot more hopeful about the future. There's a family here that I really love and who I think cares a lot about me. I think that has helped both me and my parents. So I'm glad for that. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say - So far so good! We love our little home and have had a good time so far. Ryan started work and is adjusting to that life. And I'm just hanging out at home. Woo hoo!!! peace for now.